Watch Engraving

Watch Engraving Tribal design

Rolex Watch Engraving

I was commissioned to hand engrave this Rolex Milguass with a Tribal motif. It certainly is a one of a kind design. My client and I went back and forth until the design was just what he wanted! I engraved this watch with deep relief background removal which gives it a real 3-dimensional look and feel. Takes much more time this way but the results are nice I think. Hand engraving watches is always a challenge because the stainless steel is usually much more difficult to cut than other softer metals. But, the engraving will last a lifetime without wearing off like laser engraving or even shallow hand engraving does over time. Thanks for looking 🙂

Watch Engraving Tribal design Watch Engraving Tribal design Watch Engraving Tribal design