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50th Birthday Gift

50th Birthday Present

Hand Engraved 50th Birthday Gift A thoughtful lady in Texas asked me to hand engrave a Spyderco Byrd Knife for her husband’s 50th Birthday. Deep relief style hand engraving was used to create this design in the Spyderco stainless steel handle. She reported back to me that her husband was extremely pleased with the gift!

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Engraved Spyderco

Hand Engraved Spyderco Knives

Hand Engraved Spyderco Knives These two Spyderco folders were hand engraved for a local customer. The stainless steel  Spyderco Endura above was engraved as a gift for his boss, while the slightly smaller stainless steel Spyderco Delica below was his own knife that his boss liked to borrow! Now they each have a pretty classy looking pocketknife.

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