David Sheehan, Masters Boxing Champion 2016

Sonny’s International Masters Boxing Tournament in Phoenix, AZ
Light Heavyweight Division. 64 years old. Record 2 Wins 0 Losses and 2 KO’s
Don’t count the years…. make the years count!

Masters Boxing Champ


Masters Boxing Champ Masters Boxing Champ

Oscar Gracias is a true professional boxing trainer. Could not have done it without him!

Masters Boxing Champ

Nailed the weigh in at 190 even!

Masters Boxing Champ

One of my opponents was a tough boxer and a great guy. Masters Boxers are kindred spirits.

Masters Boxing Champ

Team Duke’s comes out on top!

Masters Boxing Champ

Oscar deserves this belt as much as I do! He trained me and sparred with me almost daily for months before the fight.

Masters Boxing Champ

Celebrating after the fight with my trainer and coache, Oscar Gracias and Henry Calles Jr.

Masters Boxing Champ

Henry made sure that even the waitress was involved! 🙂


Fight #1 first round (my opponent was fired up and really came out swinging!)

Fight #1 second round (my opponent caught me with a right hand and knocked me down)

Fight #1 third and final round (I bounced back and knocked him out for the win!)


Championship Fight  (my opponent came out strong but I scored a knockdown and then a first round TKO to win the belt!)


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Boxing workouts are a great way to stay in shape without getting bored. No need to ever compete or even spar if you don’t want to. But, if you are the competitive type like me you should check out the Masters Boxing Website: